Week-end Update (Oct 17 – Oct 19, 2013)

This has been a rather busy weekend of painting! I have never gotten to paint before, as I was a child when we painted our house and now that I live in an apartment you can’t do much painting, so I was rather excited.  My mother and I decided to paint her room here at my grandmother’s house, since it’s been years and years … and years since it’s been re-painted. Thursday we went into town and picked up all the necessities; paint brushes, tarp, and of course paint. Nothing crazy, we stuck with white to give it that fresh clean look. Friday we got to work, and I am now well aware as to why professional painters wear those clear plastic glasses. Paint splatters everywhere!! By the end I looked like a mythological creature with tiny white dots embedded in her skin, LOL. Saturday morning, after letting the room dry over night we gave it a few finishing touches, and by late afternoon moved things back in. As a treat for all that work, we had home made pizza for dinner made with whole grain flour. DELISH!

Here are some photos of the work and the treat!



As far as work is concerned, my student called Saturday morning apologizing for having to cancel the session because he was unable to leave university this weekend. A bit of a bummer, as I was hopping to squeeze in a session before my trip. But speaking of my trip … I am so excited to be going back to England for a few days to visit my friends. It’s been over a year since I finished my study abroad experience and seen everyone. Since I am currently in Italy it is a perfect time to stop by and say “Hi”. I will be leaving Thursday afternoon and remaining until Tuesday. Cannot wait to see them all. After my 5 days in London, I’ll be stopping in Northern Italy to visit some other family members, and finally getting to meet my 2 baby cousins!! Stay tuned for posts all about my trip, including a “Packing For London” post where I’ll be discussing my packing strategy. And if you want to get some “day-to-day” updates on my trip you can follow me on Twitter @AbsolutelyNancy and/or my Tumblr blog ThatGirlTraveler.tumblr.com. I will try to post regularly on both those platforms, but your best bet is probably Twitter :p

Talk to you all soon!!



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