Packing For London: A Two Part Trip!


As promised here is my Packing For London post. I will be leaving Thursday Oct 24th for London, and spending 5 days there. On my way back I’ll be stopping in Northern Italy for another 5 days visiting family before coming back ‘home’.

10 days two-part trip, RyanAir one carry-on bag rule … CHALLENGE EXCEPTED!

RyanAir is a European airline known for their cheap flights. This will be my first time flying with them, but from what I’ve heard they are not the best and most comfortable airline to fly with (and they don’t try to make you believe they are). RyanAir is great if you’re on a tight budget or don’t what to spend a lot on a ticket for a short flight, and just need to get from point A to point B. RyanAir baggage allowance:

“Strictly one item of cabin baggage per passenger (excluding infants) weighing up to 10kg with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm is permitted. (handbag, briefcase, laptop, shop purchases, camera etc.) must be carried in your 1 permitted piece of cabin baggage” (

Because of these tight regulations I’ve had to be overly organized when packing for this trip.

The first thing I normally do when it comes to packing for any trip is make a TO DO list. I use this list to write down everything I need to do before leaving.

Check-In for my flight online, charge all electronics and back up computer, get directions to and from airports, ect.

Once I have my TO DO list completed I pull out all the things that I’m thinking about bringing (including clothes, shoes, bags, make-up, electronics, ect.) and lay them out on the bed. I then pic my travel outfit (my outfit choice will depend on destination and duration of the flight), and then start making the final decision about what I actually WILL bring. I’m a bit of an over packer I will admit, but I’m working hard on cutting down all my ‘necessities’, especially on this trip. I made the final decisions on what came and what stayed (primarily when it came to clothes) by actually planning out outfits, and bringing as many double-duty items as possible.

Want To Bring


‘Final’ Cut (Clothes)


After I took the ‘Final Cut’ picture I ended up needing to cut a few more items of clothing … when it comes to packing with limited space being a girl is not too much fun LoL.

Once I had everything I wanted/was able to bring in order I turned to some of my favorite organizational tools to make packing a little bit easier. First I used my Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube ( (below) to pack most of my clothes. I cannot tell you how glad I am that I discovered the Pack-It system, thanks to OrganizedJen‘s YouTube videos!  This system is amazing, and it makes packing so much less of a hassle.  I purchased mine at The Container Store during their Travel Sale.


A little disclaimer, I do not have all the items in the Pack-It System only 2 of the Pack-It Cubes, but I will be adding to my ‘collection’. Therefore I cannot comment on any of the other items.

Second, to comply with the infamous 3-1-1 rule, I turned to my handy-dandy 1 QT Zip-Top Bag from Travelon (below), which I purchased at Marshalls, for all of my liquids, gels, and creams. This QT size bag is TSA approved and perfect for travel.

*You do not need to purchase a purposely made 3-1-1 bag for plane travel, a 1 QT Zip Lock bag works just fine*


*** If you guys want to see What’s In My 3-1-1 QT Size Zip-Top Bag? let me know ***

Next, I needed a place to put all of my other necessities like my non-liquid or gel make up, hair ties, tooth brush, ect. I was originally going to use my Lug cosmetics bag, but it was a bit bulky and nowhere near full, which is why I decided to use this bag (pictured below). It’s light weight, flat, and made from a type of nylon material. This bag actually came with my Wenger suitcase, which I also purchased at Marshalls. Normally I would split these things up – make-up, hair accessories, ect. – but since this is a fairly short trip, and I’m on limited space, I am not bringing a lot of make-up, hair accessories, or jewelry (in fact all the jewelry I’m bringing I will be wearing).


To store my straightening iron I am using my Baggallini Curling Iron Cover (below). This little gem is perfect for travel. It provides a case to store your heat styling tools while traveling so they don’t get damaged, and it also allows you to pack them right after use without waiting for them to cool. This is also a Container Store purchase!


Lastly in my organizational packing tools, shoe bags! For the longest time I used regular old plastic bags to pack my shoes, which work just fine, but before coming to Italy I decided that my shoes should travel in style :D. You can purchase travel shoe bags practically anywhere that sells travel accessories, but they tend to be a little pricy. What I did was go to my local fabric store, buy some fun patterned fabric (OWLS) and made my own! They are super easy to make and don’t take too much time, and this is coming from someone who has no business sewing (hehe). When it comes to shoes and packing you should always try to wear your bulkiest shoes, and pack the rest. I will be traveling with my new Timberland boots, and bringing in my suitcase a pair of Vans and sparkly black flats for going out. On this trip I will also be bringing a small everyday purse and a going out purse (which you can see pictures of in the ‘Want To Bring‘ photo).

Having everything ready and packed is wonderful, but I can’t forget my documents! Whether you’re flying internationally or nationally a form of ID is a must. As I mostly travel internationally I use my passport and keep that, along with my boarding pass, in a letter sized poly envelope for safety and easy access while traveling.

And…we are all done!!!

I am by no means a packing expert, but I hope you have enjoyed this post and that I haven’t forgotten anything.

Thanks for reading!



I am not affiliated in any way with any of these products, and all opinions are my own.


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