Trip At A Glance (Kingston)

Hey everyone!

As promised here is my Trip At A Glance.  First off let me start by saying sorry for how long it has taken me to post this.  It’s been a crazy with unpacking, organized, getting back in the swing of things, and the lack of proper Internet access didn’t help.  But I am back and ready to share my trip with all of you.

I will say this wont be a touristy post as my primary reason for this trip was to visit friends and family, but I hope you enjoy!

For those of you who don’t know I left on October 24th for a 10-day two-part trip to England and Northern Italy. Lets start by saying that getting to the airport was a trip lol.  As everyone had to work and couldn’t take us (my mother and myself) to the airport we had to use public transportation, which included a bus to the train station, a train, and another bus to the airport.  Once we made it to the airport we had about three hours to wait for our flight. Nothing too exciting about waiting at the airport for your flight, although as I had never flown with RyanAir before I started panicking at bit about all their bag size regulations, but no worries it all worked out (and as a side note it appears that if you take a duffel bag with you as opposed to a traditional carry-on suite case, even if it’s a wee bit big, they don’t seem to make fuss).  Once we landed in Bergamo (one of the Milan airports) my mother had arrived as she spent the 10-day trip up north, while I still had another flight to catch for London.


Once I landed at Stansted I couldn’t have been happier, it seriously felt like I had arrived home.  I missed England so much but when I landed it felt as if I had never left.  The beauty of London airports is that you don’t need someone to come pick you up, public transportation is right there and super easy to navigate.  To get “home” I jut took the train to Tatnamhale then the Tube to Vaxhull then another train to Norbiton, time consuming but easy as pie 🙂

And this is where the fun starts!

I had three of my friends come meet me at the train station and walk me back to theirs.  I cannot explain how happy I was to see them again, but it seriously was like I never left.  As I got there close to midnight there wasn’t much time for catching up, getting to sleep with the weather was seriously an adjustment from the warmth of southern Italy.

The next 4 days were amazing!!! I didn’t do anything too crazy mostly spent the days going into town and doing a little bit of shopping – I was rather happy with myself for remembering how to get around after over a year of being gone.  That Friday I got to go out to Hippo (officially known as Hippodrome) my favorite club in town.  It really hasn’t changed much – except for the machines that scan your ID.  I loved being able to relive my club days from studying abroad with all my friends.  The rest of the weekend was pretty mellow, mostly just spending time with friends as the Student Union Bar, watching a pool competition, and of course getting my newest tattoo!  It had been over 3 years since I had gotten a new tattoo so I had no choice but to get a new one while in London 😀



Here’s where I would have posted a short video of me getting tattooed at Old London Road Tattoos but sadly it won’t let me upload 😦 So here is a photo instead

*It’s a bit swollen as the picture was taken right after but it has now healed and I love it* 


My tattoo artist was absolutely amazing, couldn’t have asked for a better one.  I have wanted this tattoo for a while now and knew that it would require someone with good talent to bring the painted aspect to life in the tattoo, and Emil did just that!

Sadly that is where my trip ends, because the next day I was headed to the airport to fly back to Italy.  However, this time I was lucky enough to have a friend drive me as opposed to taking public transport.  There was a fair bit of traffic and I was seriously hopping that I’d miss my flight, but no luck made it with plenty of time to get to the gate and wait.

This concludes Part 1 of my Trip At A Glance.  I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I’m sorry that it wasn’t super exciting and touristy and also that it took me this long to post.

Thanks for reading!!



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