Polish Me Amazed … For The Holidays


Hey everyone!

‘Tis The Season, which is why I picked this as my polish for the month of December. I love both these polishes – the white by ItStyle and clear sparkles by Best Color – and thought that they would look quite festive together.

To get this look I started with a clear base coat, I then applied two coats of the ItStyle polish – which has a liquidy formula but gives a nice opaque look with only two coats. Once dry I applied two coats of the Best Color #46 polish (photographed) – which applies beautifully, and finished the look with an ItStyle Top Coat.

I rather like this look and think it works perfectly for the holiday season. This look is great for Christmas, and surely for New Years!

Happy Holidays to all of you!!


*Special notes: I have noticed that keeping the ItStyle polishes upside down helps with the consistency of the formula rending it less liquidy and easier to apply.

**if you would like to see all of my polish posts check out my Tumblr blog: PolishMeAmazed.tumblr.com


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