Oh Christmas!


Hey everyone!

Sorry I’ve been a little off the grid lately, but it’s been super crazy with packing, traveling halfway across the world, and then unpacking, not to mention getting ready for Christmas which is only a few days away, ahhhh.

I am so excited to be home for this holiday season, which includes decorating, baking, and present giving. I got back from Italy on Monday afternoon/evening and have been on a holiday binge ever since. I’ve spent this week decorating the tree, putting poinsettias bouquets around, putting out some yummy Christmas treats for visitors, and baking up a storm for my seasonal holiday treat packs that I give to friends, family, and neighbors. The other day I made my yearly Sugar Cookies – which I normally make with the aid of the Betty Crocker mix 🙂 – and just this morning I made some Chocolate Peppermint cookies (also with a Betty Crocker mix).



[Recycled Sugar Cookie Photo]

This has been my first year making Chocolate Peppermint cookies, but I have to say they came out pretty good. I’m sorry that I don’t have a picture to show, but I packaged them prior to writing this post. I still have a couple more days before Christmas, and now that I’m done baking I can focus on wrapping presents.

The holiday season is this wonderful time of year, where yes we get presents and decorate, but more importantly a time to remember we should slow down from our busy lives, take a step back and realize how fortunate we are. I know that I am one of the luckies people in the world (even if I forget that sometimes) for having wonder parents who – although divorced – have always put me first and have loved me unconditionally, amazing friends all over the world, and a life that even if it’s a little crazy a times has allowed me to have some wonderful experiences.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season with the ones you love and can find a little time to slow down, relax, and enjoy the last few days of 2013, I know I will 🙂

Happy Holidays



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