A Last Minute Gift Wrapping Tip

Hello everyone!

This will be a really short post, but with Christmas being a couple of days away and tomorrow being Christmas Eve, I thought I would share a money saving gift wrapping tip for those of you who are still putting the finishing touches on your gift wrapping.

My tip: The Dollar Tree!!

That’s right, The Dollar Tree has some awesome wrapping paper, gift bags, bows, ect all for $1 each (some small gift bags and bows at 3 for $1) and the quality is pretty darn good! Here are a couple of photos of gifts I warped with Dollar Tree wrapping material.



I was rather shocked to find such high quality gift wrapping material at The Dollar Tree, but I’m so glad I did because why spend $3-$5 (or more) on wrapping paper that’s just going to be ripped up and tossed away, or on a gift bag when you can buy a nice quality one for just a buck!? Another thing I found at The Dollar Tree are these Christmas themed tin containers, which are perfect to give filled with delicious holiday sweets, and still only $1 each!


Every year we give our neighbors holiday cookies and treats, which we normally put on a Christmas themed paper plate wrapped with a bow. However, this year I’ll be giving our annual holiday treats in these festive tins. The quality is great, the print is beautiful, and for only a dollar you can’t go wrong.

Hope this tip will help you guys 🙂

P.S. I found a really fun and interesting way to tag presents, using the persons picture instead of the traditional name tag! Thank you Pinterest for the idea!!

Happy Holidays


**I am not affiliated with The Dollar Tree or any of its partners. All opinions are my own.**


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