Storing Christmas Decorations

Hey everyone!

With the holiday season coming to an end it’s time to put away all those decorations.  This is a time consuming and stressful task for some, but when done with care can save you so much time in later years.  Now, I will not sit here and tell you that I’m an organizational professional or guru, but by listening to others who, in my opinion, are I have started to come up with a system that can make putting away Christmas decorations easy.

First you’ll have to asses your storage needs.  What I mean is, how big is your home? How much of your home gets decorated?  How many decorations do you have and use?  And lastly, how much storage space do you have?  The reason I would suggests asking these questions is because I have seen two decoration storage systems that work well, but are most efficient depending on the answers to these questions.

The first system is the By Category system.  This system groups like items together, i.e. linens, tree ornaments, outdoor decorations, lights, ect.  This system I believe works well for those who;

  1. Live in a small home or apartment
  2. Don’t decorate many rooms in their home, or
  3. Don’t have many decorations

This system does require a little bit of forethought in deciding what categories work well for your home and your needs.

The second system is the By Room system.  With this system you can store everything in containers and label them by which room they go in, i.e. kitchen, living room, dining room, outdoors, ect. I believe this system works well for those who;

  1. Have a larger home
  2. Decorate multiple rooms in their home, and/or
  3. Have many decorations

I personally blend these two systems, but tend to go more towards the By Category system.  I live in an apartment and only really decorate the living room and the kitchen, also I have a midlevel amount of Christmas decorations (but am always accumulating more, lol) therefore it’s really important for me to separate everything by category and label everything. However, I recommend labeling everything with whichever storage system you implement.

Also, if you have a plethora of decorations and decorate many rooms in your home, I would suggest using the By Room system with the By Category system within each room.

Lastly, a few tips on how to put away and store some decorations.  Lights are always the most dreaded decorations to put up every year, but if stored properly can save you unnecessary headaches.  My tip is to get a piece of cardboard (part of a lid from a large box) and cut two slits on either end then just wrap the lights around the cardboard. I would also suggest doing this for some of the more delicate garland. Also, anything fragile wrap in tissue paper, and anything glittery place in a plastic bag.  Now you’re ready to put everything in your containers or boxes 🙂

I hope this post has helped some of you who either have been dreading taking down your decorations or have been trying to find a system to organize your decorations.

Like I said, I am no organization expert but these are just some tips that I’ve found work and thought I’d share them with you.

Thanks for reading and I’ll talk you to all soon!



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