ZuZu, Napa Valley


Hey everyone!

Thursday I had to go to Napa to drop something off to a friend (lets call her K), and since I’m not right next door to Napa we decided to make a thing of it.  We went to dinner and I wanted to share with all of you this amazing restaurant we discovered in Napa Valley…ZuZu!  ZuZu is a tapas bar in downtown/ Old Town Napa.  For those of you who don’t know, a tapas bar is a Spanish style restaurant where all the plates are small portioned and the point is to ordered a few things on the menu* and share.  The first time I had ever eaten at a tapas bar was in Spain on my vacation in 2012 and I was so excited to try it again here in California.

I am sad to say that our overzealousness trumped me photographing all the food we ordered, so I can’t show you guys, but I can tell you how delicious it all was!  K and I ordered four things, plus dessert, and shared everything.  We ordered everything at once (apart from the dessert) then our server brought things out in stages.  Our first course was a Sunchoke and Portobello salad (pictured above).  I had never eaten sunchoke before but it’s actually very good.  Our second course was a Sunchoke and Artichoke soup, which again very good choice.  Soup and/or salad great way to start a meal.  Next, we had Tortilla Espanola; Traditional Potato & Sweet Onion Spanish Omelett, absolutely delicious  and highly recommended by me.  Lastly, we had Croquetas.  They’re a little hard to describe but essentially they’re oval shaped stuffed deep fried … things.  Unfortunately that’s the best way I can describe them, but it was my favorite out of the four and I highly highly recommend this dish.  We weren’t planning on dessert, but when you’re in a delicious restaurant having a night out with a friend and the server asks, how can you say no? Lol we ordered the Andalusian Pot de Creme: Three Chocolate Custard with Whipped Cream.  Let’s just say that anytime chocolate is involved it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s going to be good, and let me tell you this did not disappoint.

ZuZu is the perfect restaurant for a romantic dinner or for friends hanging out.  Good wine, good food, good atmosphere, and all for a reasonable Downtown Napa Valley price.

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


*I found that the online menu is different from the restaurant menu*

**I am in no way affiliated with ZuZu. All opinions are my own**


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