Polish Me Amazed … POTM Review (L’Oréal Crazy For Chic)

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a fabulous month, and a wonderful V-Day – whether you have a significant other or not!

As promised here is my polish review for this months POTM.  If you missed the original post you can find it here.  The reason I decided to do a polish review at the end of the month instead of in the POTM post is because I had never used this polish, or any L’Oréal polish, before this and therefore couldn’t really review it based on just first application impressions.

I have some mixed feelings about this polish.  It’s a great bottle color, which is what attracted me to buying it in the first place, however, as I had mentioned in the original post the color dries two to three shades darker. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a pretty color and perfect for V-Day month, although I do wish it was more true to bottle.  Also, I did mention that using a matt finish top coat got the color truer to bottle, however that didn’t last long. In a matter of a few days (and I’m being generous by saying a few days) the color went back to it’s original color.  As far as last-ability (is that even a word?? Lol) I was very disappointed when I found minor chips the next day!  Being that this polish was a mid price buy, at around $6 a bottle, I wasn’t expecting it to last for ages but a few days with no signs or wear would have been nice.  By mid-month the chipping was very noticeable on my index fingers and progressing to others.  With it now being the end of the month the chipping definitely increased and is highly noticeable, and I normal wouldn’t leave my nails like this, although I really wanted to give you guys an accurate review for this brand-new (for me) POTM.

Hope you have enjoyed this review.  My next POTM post will be up soon so look out for that!

As always thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you all soon.

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