OOTD (Saturday 3/22/2014)

Hey everyone!

So glad that I’m finally able to write this post. I’ve had to deal with almost a week of no internet, which for me is crazy because I am always online for personal browsing, working on my Etsy shop, or blogging on here 🙂 I wanted to write/post this post on Saturday/Sunday, but due to the technical difficulties I had to postpone it until today.  If you follow me on Twitter (@AbsolutelyNancy) you may have seen this OOTD post that I linked from Instagram … which reminds me, I have gotten a few follow requests on Instagram and I don’t know if they’re from you guys who follow my blog, Twitter followers, or general Instagramers, but I wanted to take this opportunity to just mention that, although I am supper appreciative of the follow requests, my Instagram is private and I don’t think I will ever accept requests from people I don’t know personally. This is due to the fact I will from time to time post more private/location specific posts on Instagram, and don’t feel comfortable having the whole internet seen them. I do however post some of my “public” Instagram posts to Twitter, which is a public account! With all that said, lets get back to the OOTD shall we…


Here’s the outfit! I was in a very nautical mood that day, what with the striped blue & white shirt and the anchor scarf.

This is a really comfortable outfit for the weekend or for just running errands. Lets start with the shoes. These are from the Sam&Libby collection at Target and are super comfy, especially if you’re out and about for the day. The jeans are from Old Navy, the Rockstar Collection (similar), and again so comfy. The last thing you want when you’re going for a comfy-casual-puttogether look is uncomfortable pants, and these are anything but. However, they do run a tad small so I do recommend going up a size. Next, my nautical like T-Shit from Target. I really like this shirt, its causal and comfy, and perfect for spring and summer. To complete the nautical themed look, my lovely anchor scarf from Aldo. I’ve had this scarf for over a year now, so sadly this print is no longer available. However, you can click the Aldo link and see what they have now. Lastly, the one piece of jewelry photographed, my Tiffany Interlocking Circles ring. I wear this ring all the time, it’s a staple for me.

That’s it, this was my OOTD for last Saturday.

Hope you guys liked this post. As always, thank you for reading and I will talk to you guys soon.

Wordpress Signature ***This post is not sponsored. All items were purchased by me, and all opinions are genuinely my own***


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