Hello, It’s Hump Day

Hey everyone!

Hope you are all having/will have a fantastic hump day.  I just wanted to stop in this morning and say hello and let you all know that I’m super excited for this meeting that I have this morning with the owner of a new Marketing & Media company here in my area. I totally didn’t even know they existed until a few days ago when I went to a paint-your-own ceramics shop in town to paint Mr. & Mrs. mugs for my friend’s bridal shower this month (I will totally post a picture of the mugs once I’ve given them to her – wouldn’t want her to accidentally see them beforehand), and walked right by it.

Some of you may know that I have a degree in Business Marketing (About), and I’ve been looking for a job at a marking firm for quite some time now, so when I saw that a new one opened I just had to stop in and check it out. I mean, I live in a pretty small town, it’s not like marketing firms are a dime a dozen around here. I was so lucky to be able to chat with someone there and give them my information, and today I’ll be meeting up with the owner to possibly discuss a position. I’m not getting my hopes up, as I have a tendency to do so and then things don’t work out, but  I just can’t help being excited to at least meet this person and get my name out there.

I will share any news of the matter once I have some, but for now I will say thank you for reading and I’ll talk to you all soon!

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P.S. If some of you may be wondering why I’m not mentioning the names of the establishments it’s for security/privacy reasons. These are places that are specific to my town and for now I just feel more comfortable not having people know specifically where I live.


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