Summer Fashion Fun

Summer Fashion Fun

Hey everyone, 

Here’s an early post for this week. I recently started a Polyvore page and this is my first creation. As I was just looking though the site I came across this awesome Starry Night skirt! I absolutely love that paining and anything with that print – I actually purchased a fountain pen in England because the coloring was inspired by that painting (that wasn’t the only reason I also really wanted a fountain pen, but that help me choose which one I wanted). Any way, I saw the skirt and it inspired this whole style. As some of you might know, I love fashion and I love styling whether it be an outfit or a room (Polyvore room decor collages to come!) so this was so much fun, and I didn’t have to worry about prices. Hope you guys love this outfit as much as I do, and if you’re on Polyvore feel free to follow me – username “absolutelynancy” – and I’ll follow back!

Talk to you all soon!!

Wordpress Signature 

Blue skirt

Oasis beige handbag
$30 –

Lana band ring

Short necklace
$4.95 –


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