Every year or so I get bit by the travel bug, and although I don’t think I’ll be able to take my usual biennial trip I thought I’d share with you all my in-flight must have’s for a long haul flight.

I hope this list will help those of you who will be traveling soon, and please feel free to share your trips with me. I’d love to live vicariously through you!

Let’s get started …


Whether I bring my iPad or computer depends on the trip and how long I’m going for. But typically I will go with my iPad. It’s lighter, takes up less space, and I’m not as protective of it as I am with my computer. With that said, I always have a book downloaded on my iPad and iPhone. Flights are the perfect place to catch up on your reading list, whether it’s an actual book or an audio book.

Also, I make sure to bring a power bank in case I need to charge my phone or iPad during the flight and there’s no USB on my flight.

If I get bored of reading or start getting “car sick” – sometimes if I’m reading and there’s turbulence it doesn’t sit well with me – I will watch a movie from the massive playlist that the flight offers. Yes, when you’re flying internationally MOST airlines offer complimentary entertainment. Just make sure you check before you head to the airport what your particular airline offers.


Snacks are a great source of protein and are an absolute must on any flight. I tend to bring small, portable, non-perishable snacks that are healthy and will fill me up fast, like trail mix or almonds. Here’s my current favorite homemade trail mix recipe. I highly suggest avoiding very salty or greasy snacks.

Hydration is so important when traveling to help combat that “flight hangover” i.e. jetlag. The TSA regulations make it impossible to bring your own beverage through security, and although prices at the airport are ridiculous, purchasing water is a must for me.
You can also bring your own water bottle and fill it at the water fountains, but I worry about how clean the water actually is.


I tend to always wear makeup on flights, just makes me feel more put together as I’m going through the airport, but that’s just me. However, on long haul flights the air get’s so stale that it can make my skin feel grimy.

I try to keep up my regular skin care night routine even when I’m on a flight. I like to have makeup removing wipes as well as a face cleanser to really clean my skin, then follow up with a light moisturizer.

Prior to landing, I will “make myself presentable” and apply some BB Cream or tinted moisturizer, powder, and mascara.


I am a firm believer that you should dress comfortably when flying – especially on long haul flights – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look good too!

My go-to travel outfit consists of black leggings, a lightweight t-shirt, a jean jacket or layering piece, a scarf (light weight in warmer months and heavier on cooler months), and easy to slip on and off shoes.

Another clothing item I always have wit
h me is an extra pair of comfy socks. I like to take my shoes off once we takeoff, and sometimes my feet tend to get a little cold. Also, it just adds to the cozy and comfy feeling.

:: a typical outfit ::

One last thing is a travel pillow. When I sit for long periods of time my lower back tends to go numb and starts hurting, a pillow helps me out so much by providing better lumbar support. This is the one I have by Eagle Creek. It’s a 2-1  travel pillow that easily changes from a contoured neck pillow to a square pillow. It even has a snap strap so you can hook it to your carry-on.

These are not the only things I take with me on a flight. Obviously my ID, ticket, phone, charger, ect. will be with me. This is just the list of “extras” that I make sure to have with me to make me feel more comfortable on long flights.

What do you guys take with you? I’d lov
e to know what your absolute must haves are.



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