“The Mirabelle Inn brings you back to an era when service and elegance pampered the weary traveler by a staff, well prepared for the task. This boutique hotel is designed to provide the special details and touches to make you feel at home and attended to, like nowhere else in the Santa Ynez Valley. A well-trained staff, a proper service attitude, make your stay memorable and comfortable beyond your imagination. From the moment you cross our threshold, our staff is empowered to make your stay special.” The Mirabelle Inn Website
This couldn’t be truer! My boyfriend, Josh, and I stayed at the Mirabelle for our six month anniversary earlier this month and I can safely say that it is the BEST hotel I have ever stayed in. The Mirabelle Inn is located in the absolutely stunning European-style town of Solvang, CA, at the foot of the Santa Ynez Mountains. Solvang is located along US Highway 101, four hours south of San Francisco.

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Every year or so I get bit by the travel bug, and although I don’t think I’ll be able to take my usual biennial trip I thought I’d share with you all my in-flight must have’s for a long haul flight.

I hope this list will help those of you who will be traveling soon, and please feel free to share your trips with me. I’d love to live vicariously through you!

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Vacaville is not what you would call a “happening” town, lol. Nor do we have a flock of tourists like our neighboring cities, i.e. Napa. In fact, most people don’t know it exists, and those that do rarely give it much thought. Vacaville is actually pretty centrally located (no more than 1.5-hour drive) between some of the biggest touristy places in Northern California – San Francisco and the Bay Area, Napa Valley, Sacramento, and Silicon Valley.

Below I have a list of five places in Vacaville you MUST try if you’re ever in the area.

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Travel Trips: Booking Your Trip

Hey everyone,
Things have been crazy – I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling this year for work (for those of you who don’t read my blog here‘s a post about the traveling aspect of my work). Any who, traveling is something I’ve done a lot of in my life. My first “big” travel trip what on my first birthday when my family and I lived in Italy and we were going from North to South to visit – and for me to meet – some family (while other kinds have big parties on their first birthday I was on a train, but I did have two cakes so I can’t really complain :p). From then on my family took trips to southern Italy practically every year, and my first international trip came in June of 1999 when we moved to beautiful and sunny California. After that there were a few trips back to Italy, a road trip to Washington state, and over course my most memorable trip yet – traveling for my year abroad in England! 😀 Whist there I did some light traveling (and I do mean light, even tho everything is so accessible I only took three trips – two to Italy and one to Spain). In 2013 the travel bug hit me again and I…can you guess it…when back to Italy and England. If you haven’t noticed those are pretty much my go to places, one for family and the other for, well, home. I absolutely LOVE England, for me there’s nothing better, the people, the culture, the history…But back to whats relevant. Now in 2015 my traveling has become more domestic, but just as exciting. Whereas before I was visiting places I’d already seen, now I get the chance to explore my backyard – America. Continue reading